The real meaning of education fades from time to time and in present scenario it is merely an exercise to brighten our grey cells. Students learn more and more to end up in deeper and deeper confusion. if one mode of education fails to satisfy the material benefits they switch over to another mode ,with out realizing their own potential.
From time immemorial education is considered to be a dedicated way of living in which “shishya” or student learns even intrinsic aspects of life from the relationship with “Guru” or Teacher. Teacher mould the student to a good human being. Student becomes a fruitful citizen to the society. Teacher is capable of showing the strength of a student and helps him to recover from his weakness. At the end of the education process teacher advices the student to be a responsible person for the societal wellbeing.
But now we are far away from the ‘value based education’. In our primary school education we learn certain values need to be followed in life. In later stages of education we forget about this and wallow in the mud of scientific and numerical theories. Though our educational system thrives to create umpteen numbers of intellectuals we fail to bring up human being those who are compassionate to fellow being.
Value based education only makes the education a complete one. If our skills and knowledge need to be beneficial to the society it should have a strong hold on value based education. In our brick and mortar educational system we produce mindless Frankenstein’s who later wander in search of their bewildered past.
People are the building blocks of the society. If these blocks are fragile in core, society will collapse with no time. Value based education cultivate honesty, sincerity, empathy and courage among students. They become fearless to fight against the evils of the society.
But our present generation is considering education as a cash cow. Higher education guarantees you a snobbish and lucrative job.
Now a day’s education is synonymous with competition. As a student you have to compete with millions of others to reach a position. It never stops. When you educate more you compete with the outer world for existence. Whether the competition requires for our growth? Among the four stages of human life bachelor life (Brahma charya) is one stage where we learn about ourselves. We realize our strength and weakness. Then only we move to learn about one other person. But in present education where we have the time to learn about ourselves? With our haphazard knowledge we are in a hurry to teach others..!
We compete with others with a blind eye towards us. Lack of self realization throw us in the dungeons of failure.
From child hood onwards we need to inculcate values in the minds of students. Along with our subject knowledge inculcation of values in the minds of students should also have a pivotal role in education.
The business of education provide as an Augean stable to clean up. Only through value based education we can dream about the societal harmony.
Our first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi wrote in her autobiography (I Dare) that before a professional one should be a human being…That is all about value based education.