Strategy for searching jobs

It is always ideal that you start a venture of your own. By doing so you can create jobs and trigger off productive activity. You can be boss of your own. If you are not confident about that , then the next best option is Government jobs. Government jobs is the world’s best job and even the envy of President of America!. It is secured and rarest of rare cases is that you get fired! Mostly get suspended for even major lapses. Suspension is an eyewash, often reinstated missed salary with interest. Recession proof increment. Periodical increase in DA to insulate employees from inflation. Avail pension as long as your employment term as life span is increasing. Leave Travel Allowance. If you can’t make into govt service, then eye for the Corporates. It is highly recommended that you make use of the contacts if you have any to get into corporates. Branded companies/Corporates usually go for students from premium colleges. Corporates do entertain prospective job seeker with good job knowledge and required professional qualification into their fold. If you could not make into corporates, don’t be disappointed. Always the entrepreneurs are there.In some places,up to 85 percent of available jobs aren’t advertised. Reason behind it is modest advt in newspapers would cost a lakh. Why wait? Go. Knock the doors in person. It will work with entrepreneurs not corporates. For corporates money is not an issue It makes sense to approach entrepreneurs in person as employee turn over is high for the simple reason that existing employees with the entrepreneur is unsatisfied and always aims higher and settle for better prospects. Moreover, entrepreneurs finds it costly to advertise for recruitment solutions. Conventional advt is expensive now a days and it is like getting fingers burnt as rarely only an employee sticks to an entrepreneur(employer) for long duration/term. Entrepreneurs also sees to it that employee is kicked out as cost cutting measures to evade yearly increment. It is strongly recommended that wherever contact numbers / address are given in job listings, do contact them. Visit/call in person. Just do it. Personal touch makes a big difference!Religiously search/ applying for jobs and never give up. Jobs will never come calling for you Don’t think your duty is over once have approaching the entrepreneur in person admitted that personal touch makes a big difference!; you have to follow up as well. A bit of marketing is mandatory and who is not into marketing now a days!
Getting a job is not the end of evolution. Salary is an important factor in deciding to stick to a job or hop. Generally pay package you get in private sector is lagging and at par with First Pay Commission in public sector. Remind you that Government has given go ahead for Seventh pay Commission for Government servants. Private companies are thoroughly making use of current unemployment scenario in the country. Admitted there are few good men with good lineage in private sector as well! Starting pay for an engineer with entrepreneur is Rs 6000 in South of India

To be continued…