When you look about, your vision and brain come together to accumulate information. You notice an item of fruit neighborhood and determine whether you would like to eat that. You go through the sky and also decide that it won’t rain nowadays. You start to see the words you might be now studying and deal with the that means. Actually, you are affected by color. Really?

The color with the fruit an individual saw enables you to decide the ripeness and also desirability. The color with the sky and also clouds enables you to know the next thunderstorm. As you see the words with this article, your face are more comfortable with the shade contrast involving the text as well as the background. Sure, perhaps with out noticing that, you continually use color to assist you process information regarding the world around an individual. But color even offers an affect your inner thoughts.
As an individual walk straight down the aisles of your store, you are usually surrounded by numerous packaging that was created to catch the eye. Whether you recognize it or perhaps not, advertisers cautiously select shades and shade combinations to interest your certain desires, the gender, along with your age party. Home decorators, clothing developers, and performers also understand that colors can easily evoke mental response.

People may well interpret colors in numerous ways as a result of local tradition and persuits. For illustration, some folks in Parts of asia associate reddish with fortune and party, but in some parts of Africa, red could be the color regarding mourning. Regardless of their upbringing, nonetheless, humans share the identical emotional a reaction to certain shades. Let us all consider a few colors and how you can affect an individual.

RED has quite high visibility. Red provides often been connected with energy, conflict, and risk. It can be an emotionally intensive color and will enhance individual metabolism, boost respiration fee, and boost blood strain.
GREEN requests a effect opposite compared to that of reddish, for that slows metabolic rate and produces a calming effect. Green can be a restful color which is often connected with tranquillity. We sense relaxed once we see environmentally friendly gardens and also hillsides.
WHITE is frequently associated together with light, basic safety, and cleanness. Additionally it is connected with all the qualities regarding goodness, chasteness, and chastity. White could be the color frequently mentioned in every Religious Text messages.. In ideas, humans and also angels are usually shown wearing white, focusing righteousness and also spiritual cleanness.
Evolutionists may well wonder exactly why humans be capable of discern many colors, since the opportunity to see in color just isn’t needed regarding survival.


No religion is more than 5000 years old. What about before? Were there no faiths before? But, historians tells us that history of beliefs is old as human history. There never existed society with out any belief structure. That means the God did not set off the world with the religions we see now.

Religious freedom doesn’t mean that freedom only for the major world religions. There should be space for new religions and better vision to sprout on this earth. We can’t reach a consensus to do away with any more religions. Existing religion need not feel in secured as no religion would have stood the test of time with out any substance.

For the believer, no evidence is required
For the non-believer, no evidence is sufficient

History of growth of religions is the history of opposition towards it by the then prevailing belief structure. In fact, it was in an atmosphere of no religious freedom and social disapproval that most of the world’s religions had it’s origins, growth and established itself.
So far, no religion provides convincing metaphysical explanation for earthquakes.So long as we do not have a satisfactory explanation for all our existential probelms, religion is going to creep here and there from time to time whether one likes it or not. In this century itself, Soviet Union tried with all it’s military might to root out religions. Well, religion outlived Soviet Empire. Religion, with out a choice is forcing your own religion on your people.
People who use force against other faiths needs to be sure of their own faith itself

Finally, why not see other religions as enriching?


World owes an apology to hippies. It is during their period world witnessed unprecedented creativity in arts, music and literature. It will remain unexplained. Admitted “hippism” cannot be a life long occupation


Historically in chronological order all the popular religions like Parsis, Jews, Christianity, Islam, Bahais came to India, settled and had the freedom to worship long before democracy triumphed!

Be inspired

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

“Regarding our inability to understand suffering, imagine a little child at the dentist: All he knows is that the dentist is hurting him. Can the child understand that the dentist is actually a good man and is trying to save him from future pain? One day that child will thank the dentist”.-Unknown

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit”-Aristotle

“Give a man a fish and you have to feed him every day, give him a net and teach him how to catch fish, and he can feed himself for a lifetime”\

“The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they’re necessary to reach the places we’ve chosen to go.”
— Richard Bach

What Business Schools Don’t Teach

Recently, a colleague of mine, trainee who reported
for duty at 3.00 PM had to continue the shift and
leave the work spot next day at 12:00 Noon because his
superiors forced him to stay back and were not
cooperative. Is it a case of human rights violation?
Or shrug it off as nothing odd about it in a private
company. Is it okay to do away with the rights of an
unorganized management staff? For that matter any
individual. Human rights are inviolable: no exceptions
like one’s workplace. Admitting that world is
changing for better by privatization, can the rights
of an individual be violated by private companies? Are
some private companies pockets of slavery accepted
silently as normal worldwide? Is slavery possible in a
democratic set up?
This is the harrowing experience of an employee in a
private firm who is afraid to quit and go like any
other ordinary mortal! I had my first brush against
authority during my training period. I work in 13RF.It
is a factory located on the outskirts of Chennai. My
immediate boss pestered me. In fact, he is a genius in
pestering bordering on sadism. Bosses can fire you.
The evil in it is misusing it. Only a wicked mind can
see such a possibility. The possibility of misusing &
distorting firing occurs to a crook. Only the crook
fires to elicit a provocative response in order to
write a report against him for insubordination.
Excessive pestering is a misuse and distortion. My
boss is an incorrigible pest. I retorted to pestering
by saying “enough is enough”! Then he advised me that
usually pestering is done to get work done. Fault of
the system in private companies is that accountability
towards higher-ups and doesn’t exist down the line.
It’s a vacuum.
I am working for the past 8 yrs. I have been singled
out for harassment. It is selective discrimination. I
have often thought over it. The closest explanation I
have come across is from Hindu horoscope that stresses
incompatibility of personalities. Hierarchy in private
companies encourages servility, informers &
sycophancy. Informers& slaves provide tangible
concrete benefits to the hierarchy. What about
sycophants? A sycophant gives a great feeling to the
bosses for free. It is like titillating their senses.
Any self-respecting subordinate is an irritant. He
deserves to be treated with contempt and humiliation
Recently, I was told in the start up of work that I
would be issued a warning letter for a lapse of
workmen that occurred in my shift on the previous day.
I was disturbed. Gradually, I came to terms with it.
After all, a warning letter is not a capital
punishment in work life. My boss didn’t stop by that.
He was literally behind me harassing, insulting before
workmen to justify the issue of warning letter. I got
wild at him. I told him not to raise voice. He is an
inveterate barker! He don’t easily give up
Organization wields tremendous power over employees.
Employees cannot utter a word against their boss or
organization. It’s a sacrilege. So much for the
freedom of speech and egotism of human nature! Another
incident that I am going to cite regarding the clout
of companies is that some anti-management workers
approached High Court with a lawyer to conduct an
enquiry that contract workmen are operating
machineries and running the show. Factory laws forbid
contract workmen to operate machineries. An enquiry
officer was send by the court to check the veracity of
the claims. With all respect to the judiciary, the
matter was tipped to the management before his
arrival. Contract workmen were send out on the day of
inspection and the drama successfully enacted. Such
dramas are common whenever there is a visit by
officials of pollution board and inspector of
factories. Sometimes, I can’t help thinking that we
are living in a banana republic! Reader might be
prompted to think why not resign and go. That’s not
easy. I have a family. Getting another job is
difficult. Also, I don’t have a technical degree. Even
technical people in a non-IT filed finds difficulty in
getting another job. Experience I have gained is a
waste. The management capitalizes this pathetic
situation. In fact, management lately recruits mostly
economically weaker class. They make ideal slaves. Now
days, TPM is being implemented in the company. Whoever
comes in 7.00AM-3.00PM has to stay back till 5.00PM
and on some days up to 7.00PM.That is 14 hrs overtime
in a week without pay. Even slaves were paid! W/m have
time study, staff ‘s have none. Once I rebelled
against the management order of staying back after
working hrs. Next day, I was made idle in the work
spot and warned that I will be thrown out. There is no
difference between a cold blooded thug who points a
knife at you and getting money from you and the
management with out any hesitance gets work from you
by distorting power. Dirty management.
It all comes down to the lack of unity among
management staff ‘s. Division created among staff’s by
encouraging the informers and punishing the innocent
where the innocent cannot bear the brunt. Climate of
disbelief is deeply entrenched where treachery
triumphs over loyalty. There are informers among the
staff’s, workmen & security personnel. Originality is
that even the sweepers are informer’s as their job
involves moving around inside the factory. I had my
phone conversation tapped, my letters opened…
Capitalistic west blamed the former communist
countries for being a police state. But is it okay in
a private company?
The hrs spend in the plant is nonstop work. I have not
been to the toilet to relieve myself in a relaxed
manner for the past two years. Amnesty International
is concerned with human rights in a political
framework not an economic one. There are instances
where the employees had to share their spouses with
their superiors for their survival and growth!
A workman has strong laws to protect them. Staff’s
have none. There are no unions among staff ‘s and
workmen. Attempt to form by workmen was quashed.
Period before quelling was disorder and chaos.
Rebellion by wm degenerated into anarchy. There is
discipline in dictatorship but the exploitative
clutches of dictatorship tightens and suffocating. A
balance is required between chaos & order by force.
Some of the finest minds have to ponder over it. There
are many people suffering out there. Naturally, how
does the factory work? Factory is system dependant not
people dependent. Arrogance of system dependence
reflects in the attitude of managers. That explains
the contempt of the management authorities towards
employees. I remember a poignant experience when I
hesitated to come continuously for three weeks I was
told by my boss that there are thousands waiting
outside to work! Management makes maximum use of
unemployed youths in the country. To aggravate the
situation the parents feel their ward is no good if he
or she drops the workload and returns home. The
pressure on the employee is tremendous, as the society
and family will shoot a deserter. The only option is
Lately, workload increased. The goal of the employees
now is to flee wherever possible. It’s like juggling
balls. Suddenly juggler is thrust with more balls.
More balls and there is no end to it! Management was
not intimidated by the high resignation but went ahead
with thrusting the needle deeper into the flesh.
Management is sieving…sieving for the 24 carat slave
from the lakhs of unemployed youth in the country. Now
the rate of staying back is more than the resignation.
Why not laws for the management staff so that he / she
need not stay back after 8 hrs. I am willing to work
nonstop for 8 hrs. I am not against privatization.
Capitalism, privatization all good but not by
dispensing away rights of an employee, for that
matter, any individual
Factory is a closed society and no information goes
out. Management’s control over the flow of information
is scary. It’s like a racket. Power holders, informers
and chamchas form the group and have total control
over the flow of information. They have the cake and
eat it too. Outside the group gets niggardly
treatment. They share either maximum increment or
promotion year after year. The outsider goes to the
An article critical of the management appeared in a
magazine. All the issues of the same in and around
factory were bought and burnt. Chairman & Director of
our organization personally donated 1 crore Rs for
PM’s relief fund. If management doesn’t give a damn to
it’s own employees, then it is surprising concerned
with other people. The motive behind donating is
ulterior…. It’s a political opportunity
The company does not recruit a workman with flicker of
intelligence in their face because they are
manageable. Being a supervisor, I have to admit that I
am fond of subordinates with a heart than
intelligence. Management conducts interview for
recruiting workmen. Sample question goes like this
Question: The milk we drink is goat or cow’s milk?
If the w/m is confused, then he is selected
Limitation of management eyes to be everywhere at
every place creates informers. Informers are patted.
Management has two standards: biased towards the
informers, sycophants and discrimination against the
rest. This is the work life I am exposed to and I do
not know other world. I have no clear-cut answer
whether it is possible to run an organization
otherwise. I fear that many of the famous and
successful business houses in South modus operandi are
the same.
Management suppressed w/m revolt by taking suspension,
dismissal and framing false cases against the workers.
All the management staff colludes to cheat. Allotting
workmen in punishment areas like chemical room
continuously for months! Management pressurizes the
supervisor’s to write false reports against
problematic workmen. Unless there is another job
immediately at hand, supervisors succumb to the
pressure and turns w/m into enemies. There are
incidents of provocative response from the w/m which
management takes to its advantage by blaming that the
w/m has take law into his hand. I can resist the
pressure from management side only if there is another
job at my hand. Or else, I am helpless. Obeying order
or obeying conscience is a dilemma including myself. I
have not come across a case where a staff obeyed
conscience and left. The crux of the famous Nuremberg
trial was to obey conscience or orders. Admitted, the
magnitude of evil is far less in this case
There are no chair & desk permitted for the
supervisor. Only legally allowed one is the western
toilet! Just imagine one has to remain standing for 8
working hrs irrespective of the shift. Worse, if a
reliever doesn’t turn up. He has to continue for
another 8 hrs. As per factory laws, every 4 hrs the
employee has to be provided food .In my eight years of
service, I have not received any food at the start up
of shift while continuing. Rest room is mandatory.
That is only in papers
My company has units in Kerala. There is
union…. Employees have more voice. I have often
pondered over the ineffectiveness of unions in Tamil
Nadu. Maybe the politicians in TN have a stake in the
industries. That explains for the lack of support for
workers by the politicians. Politicians have share in
industries are well known. Politicians in TN are
filthy rich compared to the politicians in kerala
Rights consciousness is deeply entrenched among
keralites. It can be attributed to the high literacy.
Fighting for rights sprout from the grass root
Bane is a similar lack of interest for one’s duties.


*It is strongly recommended that wherever contact numbers / address are given in job listings, do contact them. Visit/call in person. Just do it. Follow up. Personal touch makes a big difference!
*Religiously search/ applying for jobs and never give up. Jobs will never come calling for you. Don’t think your duty is over once have registered in a job site. Besides, no job sites can send you job listings with laser precision

More to than the eyes meet

Suppose that there were twin brothers lying together in the womb who could think and ask each other what would happen to them once they left their mother’s womb. They would not be able to form any conception whatsoever of what awaited them – of all their eyes would see and their ears hear here on earth. Let us imagine that one of them believed in the tradition which he had received, that there was a future life beyond the womb, while the other, a “rational” being, would only accept what his own intelligence could grasp and he, accordingly, would only acknowledge the existence of what he experienced, of “this world” alone. The two would disagree and argue, very much as men do on Earth – some believing that man continues to live, others denying that man has any life other than in this world of the present. Suppose that the “believing” brother were to repeat what had been transmitted to him, that with their emergence from the womb they would enter a new and more specious realm, that they would eat through their mouths, see distant objects with their eyes, and hear with their ears, that their legs would straighten, that they would stand erect and traverse vast distances on a gigantic nurturing earth, replete with oceans, rivers, etc., while above them would stretch a sky with its starry hosts. The other, who only believed in what he could sense, would jeer at his brother’s naiveté in indulging in such fantasies. He would retort that only a fool would believe all of this nonsense that makes no sense to the rational mind. The more the “believer” would elaborate on the variegated features they would encounter in this world, the more would the “rational” brother mock and ridicule him.

Tonic for the soul

* In some places,up to 85 percent of available jobs aren’t advertised. Reason behind it is modest advt in newspapers would cost a lakh. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to advertise. It is bit difficult. To make matters worse employee turn over is high. Why wait? Go. Knock the doors in person. It will work with entrepreneurs not corporates. For corporates money is not an issue

* Time is like a spirited horse—you must learn to control it

* Remember, the difference between a good student and a poor one usually has more to do with diligence than intelligence