Loopholes for systematically discriminating the girl child

My father in law has vast hereditary property. He is disposing it off and majority of the huge fund is diverted to middle brother in law because one of the integral factors is that he has a male heir! Fetish for male child expresses in our society in ingenious ways! As father is given complete discretion to sell off both hereditary and earned property as per Indian succession laws soon I and my family of daughters will end up in streets! I do not want my father in law to protect my daughters from his earned property. But it is not fair that he is heartless, unjust when it comes to sharing hereditary property. What is the point in saying protecting the girl child when the laws of the country cannot protect her economically! Everyone knows perfect partitioning is not possible. But there should be a semblance of fairness. Conduct a survey even now. Self honest response will reveal the truth provided the standard is equal rights. Why should girls not have equal rights! They are not cattle’s. Countless generation has been unjust towards the girl child (genocide is going on may be not in an organized manner) and our parents, forefathers were not naïve! Even we are not naïve to leave such matters completely the discretion to us. The evidences from history are heavily tilted against the girl child and if we are still trusting and taking chances it reflects the value, cruelty society have for a girl child still now. Prejudiced will find clever, crooked ways to carry on and perpetuate it .You don’t have to look for the evidence anywhere. The current glaring sex ratio difference in the country is the hard evidence and speaks for itself. I don’t say all are bad. Definitely it is not few as well. Actually sizeable population of our society is not so innocent. As it is self evident that there is an inherent intention and urge to be unfair, discriminative and cruel towards the girl child in our society there should be strong laws to check the members of the society even when they are alive and in death. Discriminated hapless lot will be discriminated in life and in death. Whatever I have written will be corroborated by concrete evidence.